Why Is the Popularity of Solar Power Growing at Such a Rapid Pace?

Solar power has been in the news for decades. However, many people are shocked by just how quickly it seems to show up in new places these days. There’s a lot of reasons why the popularity of solar power is growing at such a rapid pace. However, all of these reasons have one thing in common. The popularity of solar power is in large part based on the fact that it’s a technology with massive benefits for almost every segment of the population. Both residential and private concerns have something to gain from solar power. 

Recognizing the importance of specific climates

One of the most important factors driving solar power has come from recognizing the strengths of different environments. Some places, such as Virginia, are especially friendly toward solar power. Consider how solar power Virginia style differs from that in some other areas. 

Solar energy in Virginia leverages one of the area’s most valuable natural resources. Virginia is well known for amazing weather and beautiful skylines. And, of course, that amazing sky is exactly what’s needed for solar power. Solar panels in Virginia are able to leverage the sun’s power in a uniquely powerful way. These fantastic results have also helped solar companies in Virginia scale their resources to match demand. 

The growth of solar in areas like Virginia tends to happen in an exponential fashion. One person sets up solar panels on his home or business. One person noting the amazing results would result in linear growth. However, the results are so impressive that one panel will typically make a large number of people interested in doing the same. One new user will often influence dozens of new people to try solar. Those new users will often do the same. The end result is that areas like Virginia are especially likely to see rapid growth in solar power. 

Higher efficiency solar panels

Solar panels are also becoming more efficient over time. Virginia might be one of the most ideal locations to use solar panels. However, solar panels can produce an impressive amount of power almost anywhere in the U.S. Solar panels are able to receive power from such a wide range of locations in large part due to ever increasing efficiency. There was a time when one needed a truly clear sky and bright sun to receive much solar power through standard cells. Today’s solar cells really just need solar energy to produce electricity. The more powerful the sunlight the more electricity a solar panel will produce. However, if the sun is visible enough to light up an area then it’s powerful enough to provide some level of power to solar cells. 

Reduced cost of solar panels

The power of solar panels is constantly rising while their cost is continually lowering. The combination of both factors has resulted in growth of solar usage all over the country. It’s true that solar panels can produce electricity anywhere there’s sunlight. However, there’s also the question of overall return on investment. People want to save money in the long term through use of solar panels. A small amount of electricity for a high priced solar panel wouldn’t make economic sense. However, with the lowered cost of modern solar panels it makes economic sense to use them almost everywhere. As more people notice that fact the adoption rate continues to grow. 

The importance of having full control over one’s power

There’s another good reason why use of solar panels in an area will usually grow at an exponential rate. Not many people realize just how important it is to have control over one’s own power usage. And few people will understand the issue until they see just how much control solar panels give to their friends and neighbors. 

Consider a situation where a neighborhood’s electricity goes out. People in areas with a lot of storms can attest to how frequent and annoying those situations can be. One power line going down can ruin an entire neighborhood’s plans. What’s more, it can even prove dangerous if someone relies on electricity to manage their medical issues.

Now consider the advantages one would have if they had a huge store of electricity available to them at all times. This is one of the most important but least talked about aspects of solar power. One needs to use battery systems alongside solar. In doing so a home will usually have a steady store of power ready to use at any time. Stored power is usable at any time. It’s there to use during the night or even during the worst storms. And of course power will always be coming in to replace stored electricity when the sun is up.